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when people say “she has good hair” or “he has nice eyes”

makes sure you’re not complimenting their hair or eyes because it is a signifier of whiteness.

light eyes and loosely coiled hair is dope and all (no shame on y’all wit that), but I’m tired of basics getting compliments because they’re a step closer to whiteness. people with 4c hair and dark eyes don’t get complimented on our shit, because it’s a Black signifier.




random shoot at the park.

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Lmao 😂

Taking on the phone with my mom.





Lmao 😂

Taking on the phone with my mom.

Anonymous said: Hi! I want to start working out every day, doing cardio and strength exercises... but I don't really know which exercises to do, and how many of them, how can I make a good plan?


Hey there! Okay so I’m going to quickly make up a plan for you, and this is going to be assuming you want to be doing this at home (and not at a gym or you don’t have access to a gym), you don’t have weights, you are a beginner, and you don’t have any knee, ankle, etc problems or injuries. **If you are intermediate or advanced just change the walking to running and pick up the pace! You can also add sets to the HIIT workouts and strength training!

Here is going to be a 2 week layout that you will just repeat over and over. MAKE SURE TO STRETCH AS WELL!! (EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN STRETCHING IS WARMING UP AND COOLING DOWN (do both if you can but at least warm up and cool down: try walking 3 minutes slowly for both warm up and cool down!)

Week 1:

Day 1: Walk for 20 minutes. (Don’t strain yourself or anything but also try to keep it at a relatively fast-paced walk so you break a sweat!). 

+ ABS: Check out this video for one of my favorite abs workouts:

Or my go-to quicker workout:

**Excuse how awful these videos are haha. They’re from 2012, and I probably should make new ones soon.

Day 2: HIIT DAY! Pick an exercise: jumping rope (if you don’t have one you can still jump with an imaginary rope!), jumping jacks, mountain climbers, punching in a squat position, skaters, butt kicks, standing mountain climbers, etc. Do this exercise AS FAST AS YOU CAN WHILE KEEPING GOOD FORM for 30 seconds. Slowly jog in place- or jog around if you want- for 90 seconds to recover (recovery jog!). Repeat this 5 more times for 6 sets total! 

Day 3: Walk for 30-45 minutes at a brisk pace (like day 1).

+ ARMS: Do 10-15 pushups (you can use your knees or a wall if you need to!). Do 2 sets of 6 tricep dips- you can use a chair or bench or coffee table or really anything for these. Get in a squat position and punch for the duration of your favorite song- you can do any type of punch or any combo you want.. just keep those arms moving for those 3-4 minutes!)

OR just do my go-to arm workout if you have access to dumbbells:

Day 4: Rest day!! (You can cross-train / do low-impact activities if you want! This includes elliptical, swimming, biking, etc. Do yoga or pilates or just stretch or something too!)

Day 5:45 minute walk!

+ LEGS: Hold a wall squat for 30 sec - 90 sec( depending on your level!). Do 10 front kicks on each foot. Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets. Do 15-30 scissor kicks (basically you squat and then cross your legs in the air while you jump and then land back in the squat position- it works your inner thighs to cross your legs!). (MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH AFTER THIS ONE!!) **Bonus round: End with the same time wall squat you started with- feel and LOVE the burn!! :) )

Day 6: HIIT Workout again! 6 sets of 30 sec X 90 sec like earlier!

Day 7: Rest

Week 2:

Day 1: HIIT workout! This time do 6 sets of 45 sec X 90 sec recovery. **Bonus round: Take down that recovery to 60 seconds if you can for a couple of the sets- FINISH STRONG!!!

Day 2: STRETCH DAY! No workout, but take 20 minutes to stretch all your sore muscles!

Day 3: Walk 45 minutes. + ARMS workout.

Day 4: Walk 30 minutes + ABS workout.

Day 5: HIIT workout!! Go back to 30 sec X 90 seconds recovery but this time up the total sets to 7 or 8 instead of 6! 

Day 6: Rest day!

Day 7: Walk 60 minutes (1 hour) + LEGS workout!!

^^I don’t know why but that literally took me like an hour to make haha. Lemme know if there are any modifications you (ANYONE here) want and I can switch it up! 

I should totally be a personal trainer, just saying haha. It would be so much fun. 



Monica Martin is bae.